Being John Smith: Book One: J. Alva Smith


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Being John Smith: Book One: J. Alva Smith

Author: Johnny Moscato
Pages: 41
Publication Date: 2018

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Is the world ready for a man born fully grown? How about twenty thousand of them, all identical?

It’s not easy being John Smith, lacking a childhood and being treated like a second-class citizen. With hazy bits of memories that may or may not be real, each John Smith must find his own way in a world where he’s considered an abomination.

Delve into the John Smith Phenomenon, headfirst, with the story of John Alva Smith—a man “born” on a sidewalk in a small town in Vermont.

Each Being John Smith book is “written by” or about a different John Smith.

They are one. They are many. They are John Smith.
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