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(Gno)Me (About Us)

We are the original owners of Cybernet Books! After 20 years, we finally have the name back! We were just ahead of our time… Back in 1998, Kindles, tablets and smartphones hadn’t even come out yet and there was no “easy” way to pay and download any specific ebook. Things are different now. We will be BIG now! 😉 We have affiliate links to Amazon, Barns & Noble and other online bookstores and we may also, in special circumstances, do some independent publishings… we shall see how my fellow editors feel about that, eh? Just know when you see the Cybernet Books brand, that it’s been around a long time.

Knock, Knock, Knock… Is anyone here?

♪Hello? Hello? Who’s there?♫  *boookwyrm comes gliding into the room…*

Come in, come in… Nice to meet you. Do you have any questions? We’d be so pleased to answer them…

Um… erm… you’ll have to use the discussion form at the bottom for a bit until the Cybernet Book gnomes fix the contact form! LOL Or…

If the little Cybernet Book gnomes don’t respond to this contact form, you can try my name, boookwyrm, @ the website address. A little puzzle for you, eh? That’s to keep a handle on the spam… sigh, *shakes head*… that we even have to do that… ugh.

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