The Huge, Ginormous, almost (Giant)-like, Ever-Growing List of Writing Software

We, (royal, lol) at Cybernet Books, won’t presume to say which writing software is the Best or tell you which one you should buy. What works for we, lol, may stick in your craw and jam your keyboards and just may not be appropriate for you. That said, as we come across various writing programs, in all their manifestations, they will be documented here for your viewing pleasure.

boookwyrm and the Cybernet Book gnomes use THIS one:

yWriter5 Image

yWriter6 Image

What is yWriter?

yWriter is a word processor which breaks your novel into chapters and scenes, helping you keep track of your work while leaving your mind free to create.

We, (royal, again, lol) at Cybernet Books, have used this software since 2008-09. To find out the Why, go to the yWriter article and learn more about the program.

Software, so much Software

Worthfuls (Free) Writing Software

Worthful writing software that helps you write your story but has no financial cost. FREE FREE FREE!!! (The Cybernet Book gnomes may, or may not put some “trialware” here. That just seems like a bait-and-switch, eh?)

Costlies (Paid) Writing Software

Costly writing software that helps you write your story for either a monthly subscription fee or one-time charge. (The Cybernet Book gnomes may, or may not put “trialware” here. Trialware can be a bit of a bait-and-switch, eh? Depends on if the company requires a credit card before download or rather offers a stripped down version for free or not.)

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