Book: Bittersweet: Sanctuary (The Bittersweet Series Part 1 of 3)

The Bittersweet Story: BITTERSWEET: SANCTUARY (Part 1 of 3)Putting her black ops past in the rear-view mirror, Terese hit the road like a modern day gypsy, pounding along the asphalt highway, staying nowhere long enough to be found. She’d saved a few lives… and took a few that needed taking. The death, the blood, the … Read more

Author: Tammy Delight (darqpony @ the Delightful Horse)

About the Author: Yes, that’s me in the picture. Yes, that’s my horse in the picture. No, she is not trying to kill me. She is trained to rear on command. And lay down, do Spanish walk and other stuff. Her name is Darq, hence I go by darqpony! (…made sense at the time… LOL) … Read more

Author: TaM D’Lyte

When I was seven, I whined to my dad, “I’m bored!” His response, with a magnanimous wave of a hand, “There’s a bookcase. Go get a book.” Hence my lifelong love of books! 🙂

Series: The Myth-Guided Events Series by TaM D’Lyte

The Myth-Guided Events Series: In a world crumbling under the weight of humanity’s excess, a teenager watches helplessly as his family is torn apart – until a mysterious woman arrives, transforming them into mythological beings. Revealed as avatars of the Earth Mother Gaea, battling her corrupted uncle Ehneh who seeks to unmake reality, the teen … Read more

Series: The Bittersweet Series by TaM D’Lyte (Romantic Suspense)

The Bittersweet Saga is a three book character arc about the last, remaining members of a government endorsed, pseudo-syndicate style family, not of blood, but of bond. At the hub is a misogynistic, torture loving tyrant (The Godfather’s Devil) killed in a suspicious car accident along with his daughter. The first in the series is … Read more

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