Series: The Bittersweet Series by TaM D’Lyte (Romantic Suspense)

The Bittersweet Saga is a three book character arc about the last, remaining members of a government endorsed, pseudo-syndicate style family, not of blood, but of bond. At the hub is a misogynistic, torture loving tyrant (The Godfather’s Devil) killed in a suspicious car accident along with his daughter. The first in the series is … Read more

Series: The Myth-Guided Events Series by TaM D’Lyte

The Myth-Guided Events Series: In a world crumbling under the weight of humanity’s excess, a teenager watches helplessly as his family is torn apart – until a mysterious woman arrives, transforming them into mythological beings. Revealed as avatars of the Earth Mother Gaea, battling her corrupted uncle Ehneh who seeks to unmake reality, the teen … Read more

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